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The HP OmniGo 100 is an easy-to-use handheld organizer for professionals who need immediate access to personal scheduling information and financial analysis tools.

IconbildSmall enough to fit into a coat pocket, the HP OmniGo 100 is designed to adapt to the way you work. Whether you’re on a plane, at a trade show, or even on the beach, you’ll find it easy to access all your personal and financial information. It combines the convenience of a pen and the familiarity of a keyboard with a fully rotatable screen that allows either horizontal or vertical display.
Access a calendar, phonebook, notepad, or database. Three financial calculators give you complete financial tools and spreadsheet capability. View electronic books and other useful content using the built-in Geoworks Book Reader.
IconbildThe OmniGo 100 is powered by the GEOS operating system from Geoworks. GEOS is an easy-to-use graphical environment that allows you to expand the OmniGo with additional applications and services. See the Geoworks OmniGo Extras catalog for more information on products from HP, Geoworks, and other third party providers.

OmniGo News
Press releases about the OmniGo 100 and allied products
OmniGo Data Sheet
Specifications, features and descriptions of the included applications.
List of retailers
Where to find the OmniGo 100 in your area.
OmniGo Extras Accessory Catalog
Software, hardware and accessories for your OmniGo. Note that this section uses tables and is best viewed using Netscape Navigator, V1.1 or higher. Other browsers (AOL for instance) may not display this section well.
Content: Easy Information on the Go
A list of new content titles especially for your OmniGo 100.
Clip & Go
Easy Data Transfer from the Windows Clipboard to OmniGo Clipboard.
Strategy Games
Six challenging new games designed for the OmniGo.
Geoworks Bindery
Build your own content for the HP OmniGo.

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