NewDeal Hot Tips

1412 - Micrologic's Font Conversion Tools - About the font converters MI and MT from Micrologic02.03.1999
1400 - AllType Font Converter - About the AllType font converter program from Atech02.03.1999
1413 - Nimbus Font Converter - About the Nimbus Font Converter in Geoworks 1.x software02.03.1999
1403 - Converting Fonts, General Information - The basics of converting fonts to NewDeal format, including public domain fonts and Macintosh Type 1 fonts02.03.1999
1401 - Bitmap Fonts and Vector Fonts - How bitmap fonts and outline font technologies differ02.03.1999
1416 - Fun With System Fonts - Tips and tricks for playing with NewDeal's bitmap fonts02.03.1999
1408 - Maximum Number Of Fonts - How many fonts can I use?02.03.1999
1405 - Fonts and Document Transferability - What should I consider if want to share a file with someone else?02.03.1999
1406 - Fonts and Text Effects - Special effects you can perform with text in NewDeal02.03.1999
1414 - PostScript, Wrong or Missing Fonts - Why are fonts missing or different on my PostScript printer?02.03.1999
1415 - ZSoft Fonts and Public Domain Fonts - About the SoftFonts package that appeared on the Internet02.03.1999
1404 - Text Appears Cut Off - Why is my text cut off on screen or on paper?02.03.1999
1411 - The Origin of URW Roman Font - Where did URW Roman come from and why does it have those big serifs on the r character?02.03.1999
1402 - Fonts, Roman and Cranbrook - What are the subtle differences between Roman and Cranbrook?02.03.1999
1410 - Organizing Your Fonts - How one customer organizes his many font files02.03.1999
1409 - NewDeal Font Names - Are NewDeal fonts similar to fonts from other companies?02.03.1999
1407 - Font Names and ID Numbers - Changing font file names and font ID numbers18.10.1999

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