NewDeal Technical Support Documents

212 Error: KR-09 and KR-07 Trouble shooting the system error messages "System Error: KR&-07" or "KR-09"27.01.2001
219 Damaged Documents Preventing damaged files and recovering damaged documents30.01.2001
221 Error Messages A list of the error codes in NewDeal software31.01.2001
227 Disk Drives and Diskettes Tips for solving problems accessing floppy and hard disks and drives04.02.2001
229 System Error: KR-04 How to solve the error message KR-04: Coprocessor/Memory Parity Error17.02.1999
230 Math Coprocessor What to do if you have problems with NewCalc, NewFile, and/or Calculator05.02.2001
232 System Error: KR-12 and KR-15 How to solve the error messages KR-12 and KR-1505.02.2001
236 Share Table Overflow How to correct the "Share Table Overflow" error message17.02.1999
246 Critical Error: General Failure What to do if you get the error message, Critical Error: General Failure15.09.1999
248 Damaged Hard Drive How to check your hard drive for bad sectors, and how to repair them16.09.1999
250 NewDex Won't Dial What to do if NewDex won't dial your phone17.02.1999
254 DOS Errors: Environment Space, Command.com The causes and the cures for some common DOS error messages17.02.1999
260 Testdisk.bat, Checking Floppy Disks How to use TESTDISK.BAT or DEBUG or SID to analyze a disk and check for bad data or viruses17.02.1999
282 All About Y2K Information about NewDeal software Y2K readiness, how to test your computer for Y2K issues, and what to do if you find a problem01.11.1999

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